Holiday Market Application Request


We are now accepting applications to our November Holiday Market

Thank you so much for your interest in the pro.found holiday. Our Holiday Market will take place over a Friday evening and Saturday on November 22nd and 23rd with a focus on handmade and true one of a kind vintage. Friday evening hours are 4 pm to 9pm and will feature a cash bar, music and light snacks for a festive evening event. Saturday’s hours will be from 10am -4pm.

Fill out the form below to apply for our holiday 2019 market.

  1. You will not be prompted to pay at this time. Payment & contract will be required within 48 hours of acceptance.

  2. Our holiday market will have a focus on handmade gift items as well as one of a kind, true vintage decor and gifts. Wholesale offerings will be limited and any vendors wishing to bring wholesale lines will require approval during the application process and will receive written approval/denial of wholesale lines within the acceptance email. A full list and description of these lines is required in the application below.

  3. Space is much more limited than our outdoor market and we ask for your patience while we carefully consider and jury our line-up for our holiday market. We have to carefully take each application into consideration to ensure we do not over saturate specific categories, allowing for each vendor to have the best possible show. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION MORE THAN ONCE FOR EACH MARKET. This slows down our decision making process. If you have not heard from us in some time, we are still considering your application.

  4. Previous acceptance does not guarantee acceptance to this or future markets.

  5. New applicants MUST provide as much information as possible, including social media hyperlinks and web addresses. We need to be able to see your goods and access your online presence with ease. Failure to do so could result in automatic denial.

  6. You will receive an email from us with your acceptance status and payment info should you be accepted.

*We will not be accepting multi level marketing booths for this market. 

You will know your application was sent when it disappears from the screen and a “Thank You…” message show in its place.

Booth Size *
Table Sharing is not permitted. Booth sharing is permitted up to 2 vendors and both will need to apply and be accepted separately.
Name *
Must list physical address as well as all coop locations your business resides in.
Phone *
Please describe your business and list all product categories you wish to bring.
Please list all wholesale line names and descriptions. If not applicable please type n/a